Triathlon Calculator

This triathlon calculator helps you to calculate your final time or the speeds and paces needed to achieve your target time in a triathlon race. Enter all the individual race times or speed/paces and include the transition times to get the total time. You can use preset race distances or your own custom distances.







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How to Use the Calculator?

Using the triathlon calculator is easy.

  • First select the units and the distances you want to use.
  • Then enter either the pace/speed or the target time for each individual race.
    • If you enter the pace/speed the time is calculated automatically based on the currently selected distance.
    • On the other hand, if you enter the target time the pace/speed is calculated automatically for the selected distance.
    • If you change the distance the pace/speed remains the same and the time for each individual race is recalculated based on the new distances and the speed/pace.

The total time is automatically calculated after every input. Try it out yourself with the triathlon calculator above.


Image by JKrabbe , Wikimedia Commons.

A Triathlon is a multisport race combining of three different sports. The sports are in order: swimming, cycling and running. The individual events are completed without a break between them. Triathletes compete for the best overall time of all events and the timed transitions between them. Triathlon is a highly demanding endurance sport.

In a triathlon race the competitor is timed for all the individual legs of the race. The times represented are usually swimming time, cycling time (including transitions), running time and the total time. In some events the transitions may be timed separately.

The history of triathlon goes back to 1920's France, where various kinds of three sport races were held. Some of the races had different sports than modern day triathlon, but most of them included swimming, cycling and running in some order. The origin of the triathlon is attributed to a race held during 1920s-1930s in France near Joinville-le-Pont, in Meulan and Poissy. This race is still held every year.

The triathlon has been in the summer Olympics since Sydney 2000 and in Olympics obviously the Olympic distances are used. In the Olympics, both men and women compete with same distances. The race starts with a mass start and drafting is allowed in cycling phase. You can read more about triathlon in the summer Olympics from the wikipedia.

Triathlon Distances

Distances used in triathlon races vary according to competition. Each distance may be almost anything imaginable, but the four most common distance combinations are the following:

Competition NameSwimmingCyclingRunning
Sprint distance750m / 0.47mi20km / 12mi5km / 3.1mi
Standard / Olympic distance1.5km / 0.93mi40km / 25mi10km / 6.2mi
Long Course / Half-ironman / 70.31.9km / 1.2mi90km / 56mi21.1km / 13.1mi
Ultra distance / Ironman / 140.63.8km / 2.4mi180.2km / / 26.2mi

In the Ironman race the running distance of 42.2km/26.2mi is equal to full marathon and it the half-ironmann the running distance of 21.1km/13.1mi is equal to half marathon. (You can use our marathon calculator to estimate the split times to achieve your target time.) The names 70.3 and 140.6 used for competitions equals the total miles of the competition distances. So the half-ironman race is in total 70.3 miles and the ironman race is in total 140.6 miles.